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Minerva brings together everything law firms need to remotely onboard their clients.

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Intelligent client onboarding™ for law firms

Grow and succeed with Minerva. Quote management, ID and AML checks, forms and secure online payments, all in a single digital solution. Minerva gives your clients an exceptional customer experience.

This is client onboarding. Just not as you know it.

Minerva makes onboarding your clients easy, safe and secure. Giving you unrivalled support, Minerva delivers an intuitive solution for your law firm that both you, your teams and clients love. Grow your law firm and deliver a simple and modern journey for your clients.

management information and reporting

client portal

quote management

ID and AML

forms and questionnaires

secure online payments

what law firms are saying about minerva

“We find ourselves leading the way, ready and waiting on other parties in the chain to get the ball rolling. Clients are ready to progress their transaction in less than 1 hour.”
Elton Ashworth
“We are delighted with the uptake of the technology by our clients, and we can see that it is already speeding up the whole conveyancing process.”
Lynsey Schofield
It’s quick, it’s efficient and it’s effective. It has been a huge transformation in the way we work.”
Steve Hinshelwood