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Case Study – Ison Harrison

We travelled to Leeds to chat with the team at Ison Harrison and spoke with Daniel Kenworthy and Natalie Clayton about their experience on saving time, money and the environment with Minerva.

The Result?

  • File opening times reduced by at least 50%
  • Quotes are accepted and client care packs issued within a matter of hours
  • Onboarding, including ID checks, has reduced from an average of 2 weeks, to 1 day or less
  • Digital ID and quoting have enabled admin resource to be reallocated to other revenue-generating activities
  • Significant impact realised in new build department as the date from reservation to exchange of contracts has greatly reduced
  • Winning more business from first-time buyers who expect a tech-first approach
  • A 36% reduction in the amount of paper being printed per day
  • A significant reduction in the number of calls and emails from clients due to the digital forms and online guidance within the client portal
  • Minerva integrated with the CMS with ease through one of our key integrations ALB Advanced 
  • The right technology is now in place to support growth and meet client expectations

Ison Harrison integrated Minerva with Advanced Legal (ALB)

‘Minerva is so easy and saves us so much time’

Yorkshire based solicitors; Ison Harrison LLP have been really impressed with how easily they have been able to integrate Minerva into their processes across their 17 offices and improve their ability to meet market demand.

We sat down with Daniel Kenworthy, assistant department head from the Conveyancing team to find out how it is really making a practical difference.

‘A Friday quote delivers a Monday morning complete client care pack’

We started to look for something tech wise to help us deliver an enhanced service around 2021. Post covid we were really aware of how much people had got used to having services delivered online. To meet market demand we knew we needed to find the right technology to support our growth.

The whole process has been brilliant from the integration, which was very swift,  with our practice case management system (ALB) to the training which has been really valuable and we have felt incredibly supported.

One really tangible experience is how fast our client care packs are delivered. A quote goes out on the Friday and before we even sit at our desks on the Monday, the client have completed all we need that weekend.

We have certainly enjoyed ‘easy wins’ especially around a certain crowd of first time buyers; this cohort expect this kind of service. They are wanting the tech first approach from their professional advisor.

‘The pain points are eased – we are now delivering a one fingertip transaction’

Using Minerva is incredibly easy and saves us so much time, especially with the ID and quoting elements; it has meant we have been able to release admin resource to carry out work elsewhere and more effectively. 

Our average file opening times have been reduced by at least 50%.

The staff across all offices are really finding the ID and quoting elements especially beneficial.

‘The integration with ALB has really improved our processes’

One of the plus points for us when making the decision was how much Minerva could just ‘slot’ into what we already had. It bolted on to the front end of our process and our CMS effectively is ‘speaking’ with Minerva.

The fact that we now have a professional, fully branded quote sent to the client that they can accept digitally and this then connects to ALB has really helped.

We are simply much quicker, and the clients can really see the benefit too; there has been a definite uptake in clients being happy to use the solution.

Without a doubt adopting Minerva has really opened our eyes to how much of an advantage we now have in our local market. 

We have not lost the personal touch, but people are so much more used to using technology for professional services now, it really helps us stand out.

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