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Case Study – Nairnsey Fisher & Lewis

‘Implementing Minerva has been life-changing for us’

Essex based solicitors Nairnsey Fisher and Lewis have found that Minerva ticks every box for their client onboarding.

We sat down with Practice Manager and Senior Partner, David Carter to find out how Minerva has transformed the way they work.

‘Choosing Minerva and then implementing the solution as our digital onboarding partner has been life-changing for us at Nairnsey Fisher & Lewis.  The right onboarding solution has been high on the priority list for us for some time, but we struggled to find the right solution that ticked our ‘must have’ boxes until we found Minerva. ‘

‘The solution gives us what we want and more’

‘We now finally feel in control of, and very happy with, the way our estimates and forms are presented and communicated.  Minerva has allowed us to present ourselves to prospective, current and returning clients just as we want to.

Our clients also appreciate how simple and efficient their journey is now we have implemented Minerva into our processes, seeing our onboarding timescales heavily reduced with a much more environmentally friendly approach meaning little or no printing and ink signing required!’

Flexibility which allows us to stay true to our values but deliver a modern service

‘Nairnsey Fisher & Lewis are a firm that likes to offer both cutting-edge digital solutions as well as offering more traditional methods depending on the client’s needs and preference.  Minerva now gives us this flexibility which aligns perfectly with our ethos giving us flexibility to service any clients professionally, regardless of their digital expertise.

The dashboard and management tools are equally as impressive as the solution itself, giving us instant insight as to essential performance stats that the management of the firm so importantly needs.

Working with the guys at Minerva has been a joy and refreshing as we are completely on the same page.  The support and regular interaction with our account managers means we feel extremely well cared for and supported.  We are already seeing the benefits of Minerva and we are excited to be working with the team there now and moving forward as the solution evolves….’

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Minerva’s client onboarding solution blends seamlessly into law firms’ existing workflows to create great client experiences.

It would be great to talk with you about your firm’s current processes and how Minerva can help you onboard clients more efficiently.

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