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Case study – Switalskis


Switalskis integrated Minerva with SOS

Switalskis Solicitors, a leading law firm in Leeds, has experienced a significant transformation in their client onboarding process, thanks to the innovative solution provided by Minerva, developed by LFS.

Over the past 18 months, their partnership with Minerva has not only significantly improved their operations but also elevated their client service to new heights.  

We sat down with Richard Wisnia, Director and head of New Build to find out more about how Minerva has helped them achieve their goals.  

‘We needed something tailored to our needs’ 

Switalskis Solicitors, a prominent law firm in Leeds, faced challenges with their client onboarding process, particularly for their specialised New Build department.

The existing client onboarding solutions were not perfectly aligned with the unique needs of this department, and there was a need for a more tailored and efficient solution to enhance client service and maintain competitiveness in the legal market. 

“The first thing to say is that our wider conveyancing department have been having fantastic results using Minerva onboarding. For the specialist work my team does, we wanted something tailored to our needs.” 

‘Minerva wanted to facilitate our unique working practices’ 

The main challenge was to find a client onboarding solution that could cater to the specialised needs of the New Build department while maintaining competitive pricing and high-quality client service.

The successful integration with the case management system was also a challenge that needed to be overcome. Despite these challenges, the collaboration with Minerva and the custom solution allowed Switalskis to achieve outstanding client service, maintain pricing, and increase efficiency even in a challenging market environment. 

“The most impressive part of dealing with Minerva was that they wanted to facilitate our unique working practices and didn’t ask us to adapt to their ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. We worked closely with the talented Harry Hemmings who listened, understood and produced a product perfectly tailored to us.” 

The strong relationships LFS have cultivated with technology partners like Xperate,  meant that a clean integration with Switalski’s case management system SOS was implemented with ease.   

“With the help of Mark Garnish and the Xperate team, we have now integrated the Minerva platform more closely into our SOS case management system which adds further time saving benefits and real-time client and referrer updates.” 

The introduction of Minerva has been a game-changer 

Switalskis partnered with Minerva, developed by LFS, to transform their client onboarding process. They developed a bespoke custom version of the Minerva client onboarding solution.

This custom solution was designed to align perfectly with the specific requirements of the New Build department, focusing on their specialised work. The collaborative approach allowed for a high level of customisation, ensuring that the solution met the firm’s unique needs. Additionally, the integration of Minerva with their case management system added further time-saving benefits and real-time client updates. 

“The reputation of the Switalskis new-build team is built on the provision of outstanding client service. The introduction of Minerva has been a game-changer in terms of time saving and increased efficiency which has allowed us to work smarter to enhance the client experience even further, resulting in consistent verified 5* TrustPilot reviews. 

We have also maintained our robust pricing, and because we better equipped to meet housebuilder deadlines, have seen new work levels and recommendations continue to increase in this challenging market.” 

The partnership between Switalskis and Minerva showcases the positive impact of tailored client onboarding solutions in the legal sector. It has driven efficiencies, improved client service, and led to growth in a highly competitive market.  

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