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Case Study – Tinsdills

Tinsdills integrated Minerva with Advanced Legal (ALB)

Since May 2023, Tinsdills Solicitors has witnessed an impressive surge in converted quotes, with over 500 securely processed through the Minerva solution.

This speaks volumes about the power of innovative solutions in driving business growth.

Noteworthy stats:
✅ An incredible 89% completion rate for ID checks.
✅ Over half of these checks were completed within 24 hours.
✅ A recent quote conversion saw all onboarding documents completed in under 5 hours

Tinsdills’ clients have wholeheartedly embraced Minerva’s simple, secure, and user-friendly onboarding solution, underscoring its value in enhancing the client experience.

Are you ready to have intelligent client onboarding that is faster, wins you more business and delivers a solution that provides excellent customer service?

Tinsdills exceed client expectation and convert more business with Minerva

‘Minerva is really helping us deliver our mission to exceed client expectation’.

At Tinsdills, we’ve always been committed to delivering a client-centric approach and ensuring that we meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. In our journey towards enhancing efficiency and providing a seamless experience, we implemented Minerva’s client onboarding solution.

The introduction of Minerva was generally well-received by our clients.

Where any clients find the use of technology challenging, we’ve encouraged our teams to facilitate document completion through online screen shares or at one of our branch offices and this has gone well.

Before adopting Minerva, the process was a long one with paper completed documents taking some time to be turned around, delays in post etc being part of the issue. However, for us as a business aiming to expedite transactions and meet client expectations, Minerva offered the ideal solution to enable the process of moving from manual to digital.

‘We have found ourselves able to turn things around so much faster’.

Client feedback has been great, we have been able to turnaround client quotes and have them into our CMS in record time, it gives us a competitive edge, offering a tool for client engagement across the entire firm.

While many firms have invested in similar solutions for quoting, we stand out as one of the few local firms providing electronic onboarding services.

We view having a digital onboarding solution as an essential step to ensure compliance and safety in an evolving industry landscape.

The way in which our clients can now engage with us through their phone or on their desktop at home really does mean we can offer the very best in terms of engagement.

‘Over 50% of our quotes have converted’.

We’ve witnessed quicker conversions from quote to client, which we believe will streamline the entire process in the long term.

Although it’s a volatile market, we anticipate that these improvements will contribute to our success and the in a matter of months we have seen more quotes convert than before we implemented Minerva.

Minerva helps us fulfil our mission by streamlining processes and delivering quicker results. The reduced conversion time and efficient ID checking system align with our client-centric approach, with almost 90% of ID being completed through Minerva.

The solution provides a unified tool for onboarding and ID verification across the entire firm, streamlining our processes.

Excited for the future

We anticipate long-term improvements in process speed and efficiency and are really excited for the future as things are just continuing to get better as we see the power of Minerva.

The solution really supports compliance by facilitating electronic ID checks, enhancing our due diligence, and presenting mandatory client care information efficiently.

Minerva’s versatility, allowing use beyond the conveyancing team, and its integration with ALB were key factors in our decision.

The Minerva team made the transition so easy.

The initial setup was straightforward, and the Minerva team provided excellent support. Adjusting to new ways of working required a change in mindset, especially among more experienced colleagues, but with the results we are already seeing we’re making progress.

Previously, it could take up to 7 days during busy periods, with an average of around 2 days to open a matter file.

With Minerva, we’ve significantly reduced this turnaround time, often completing the process within 24 hours.

In conclusion, Minerva has become an integral part of our firm, streamlining processes, enhancing efficiency, and aligning with our client-centric values. While it’s still early days, we’re optimistic that Minerva will continue to play a pivotal role in our ongoing sucess.

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