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Client spotlight: Birchall Blackburn Law

How has Minerva helped to improve your clients' experience?

Using Minerva has revolutionised the way we on board clients. No longer are we waiting for clients to complete hard copy forms or to submit certified copies of ID.

This is the sort of technology clients are coming to expect of any service provider and it has really delivered in terms of customer satisfaction.

How do your clients find the digital ID and facial recognition?

Our clients are finding the facial recognition ID simple to use and we have very few examples of clients who opt to use the original manual process.

How does Minerva remove barriers you faced before?

The system is enabling clients to instruct us within the same day in some cases; a process which could previously have taken days and even weeks to complete.

What other process has Minerva helped with?

Minerva has massively improved our KYC and Anti Money Laundering processes and we feel it has really raised the bar to help protect our firm and our clients against fraud.

Stacey Ashe

Partner at Birchall Blackburn Law, Manchester

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