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Lockings revolutionise client onboarding with Minerva

How do you feel Minerva has helped improved your processes? 

Using the Minerva system in our conveyancing team has revolutionised our onboarding procedure. Our new business team can quickly deliver a retainer in a matter of seconds rather than posting large bundles of documents at a significant cost to our firm and often taking a few days to arrive. 

Have you found that Minerva helps you to provide your clients with a better experience? 

The portal allows our Clients to complete documents at their pace using streamlined questionnaires tailored to their transaction and gives them the option of uploading additional data sensitive information in a safe and secure way. It isn’t unusual for a Client to be signed up and ready to progress their transaction in less than an hour!

Because the completed documents are easily downloaded into our case management system, our conveyancing teams no longer spend time scanning of lots of original documents and the typed replies are visually much easier to read.  

How has the Minerva technology affected your interaction with other parties? 

We find ourselves leading the way, ready and waiting on other parties in the chain to get the ball rolling in the initial stages and we look forward to all conveyancers embracing technology of this type to help nationally deliver a more efficient conveyancing journey.

Lynsey Schofield

Associate Director and
Conveyancer at Lockings Solicitors

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