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PII Renewals – Creating confidence for your insurer

Getting your PII application and presentation in early is key say industry Insurance specialists.

It is safe to say that the legal industry has been under more pressure than it has possibly ever seen over the past twelve months. Not least being faced with a global pandemic, there have also been other demands and strains.

Increasing client expectations on price and flexibility, risk threats and the challenge of having to pivot swathes of staff to working digitally and from home has meant that staying on top of compliance, keeping clients happy and ensuring risk management procedures are still in place, has been difficult for most.

Speaking on this webinar, Richard Mathias, Sales Director at LFS was joined by the team from Gallaghers Insurance – Nick Wilson, Risk Manager and Solicitor, and Stephen Webb Professions Development Director.

Acknowledging that we are very much ensconced in hard  market right now, this short webinar helps explain ways in which a firm can be as prepared as possible for the application process.


  • What the insurance market is like right now for Solicitors PII
  • How to approach and go about your next renewal – top tips
  • General risk management considerations – tips on how to make sure these are just part of your processes
  • How to be transparent in your claims and ensure you detail any claims made and steps you take to avoid similar claims

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