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What can you do with Minerva?

Welcome your clients with an enhanced onboarding journey. Your core business is the delivery of exceptional legal services to your clients. Ours is to help you achieve that through intelligent client onboarding that is like nothing else you have seen before.

Management information and reporting

Client portal

Quote management

ID and AML

Source of funds checks

Forms and questionnaires

Secure online payments

Safe Harbour Standard

Comply with SRA Price
Transparency guidelines

Reduce risk

Minerva is a cloud based solution which utilises two factor authentication to enhance security, allowing you to communicate with your clients securely.

Comply with AML

Comply with your AML and KYC obligations with
ease. Confidently perform and meet your due
diligence and regulatory requirements.

Improve efficiency

Minimise the amount of time, admin and costs
involved in the creation and set up of
new client files. Integrate with your CMS.

Improve customer service

Clients have always been demanding, but now legal services need to match the digitally easy experiences people are getting in other industries. Minerva means you meet these demands.