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No more paper

Moving to paperless communication has never been easier. Reduce the cost of post and printing with our award-winning solution.  Digitally send key client forms, Law Society protocol forms and questionnaires all at the click of a button.

Stop Wasting Time

In an age where people use their mobile phones to access most services, they want to enjoy the same experience from their law firm.

  • Reduced post
  • Fewer emails
  • No more handwritten forms
  • No access to printers or PDF’s required
  • Clear simple and easy to access instructions
Jargon free instructions to get the client information you need

Law Firm Branded

Minerva allows you to fully brand your quotes, web pages, domains and emails so that the client receives consistent branding with no 3rd party names associated with the onboarding process. 

  • Consistent branding that your clients trust
  • Easy to implement on quotes, websites and emails
  • Protecting your law firm identity
  • Disguises the Minerva brand to appear as your own solution
Branded login page

Up-front Buyer Information

If your agent/referrer also requires an onboarding experience, Minerva permits a reshare (subject to client’s permission) to share identity documents back with the agent/referrer. 

This solution enables the agent to market a property with upfront buyer information to help reduce abortive transactions.

  • Provide your agents with shared information (AML/ID, TA6 and OC1 data)
  • Single solution for joint onboarding a “vendor” client
  • Assists agents with their requirements to meet regulation
  • No additional costs to you or your agent
  • A tried/tested solution with over 3,000 upfront buyer packs delivered within 1st year of use 
Reduce abortive transactions with up-front buyer information