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What is Case Management Integration?

We know that your case management system is your firm’s source of truth. Integrate Minerva with your existing systems. Reduce friction and eliminate manual processes with our key integrations that improve your workflows and provide you with a single source of engagement for both client and fee earner.

How does integration benefit law firms?

Leveraging a CMS integration can deliver powerful, cost effective and time-saving results for your law firm.

Why have several different pieces of software working against each other when you can have your client onboarding integrated with ease to protect you against risk and provide users with an easy to use end-to-end experience. 

If you do not have your onboarding integrated with your CMS you could be missing out on: 

  • Saved time on administrative tasks
  • Automated communication to your clients to help prompt them through the onboarding journey 
  • Detailed insight for management so managing caseloads and matters is more efficient
  • No need to scan or re-key information from clients 

“The integration from Minerva with Partner 4 Windows (P4W) has been a real bonus for us. It allows us to open a file within a matter of minutes, whereas previously, it was taking us half an hour to an hour to open a file for a client” – Stephanie Nield, Solicitor at Beyond Conveyancing

Features that increase productivity and save you money

Developed and designed by legal tech minds with over 25 years’ experience, Minerva delivers an onboarding experience that is made for lawyers and designed for the end user, your client, meaning you get the information you need and your client gets the experience they have grown to expect in the digital age.

  • Pre-populated data
  • Customised Branded Quote integration
  • Web based access – no app needed
  • Source of Funds and Account Verification Checks
  • Up-front buyer information Minerva permits a reshare (subject to client’s permission) to share identity documents back with the agent/referrer.
  • Integrated Law Society TA forms
  • Secure online payments
Our partnerships offer us the ability to be able to adapt and shape Minerva to work for you, with you and with your chosen CMS. Speak to us today.

Advanced integration

With Minerva and Advanced, law firms are seeing a tangible increase in efficiency across the client onboarding process, workflows improved, transactions are completed faster and clients are happy.

Read more from just some of our clients on why they love the Advanced integration.

Partner 4 Windows (P4W)


Proclaim integration

Minimise time, increase quote conversions and enjoy a better way of working with Minerva and Proclaim.
From pre-populated forms to compliance completed with ease, our successful integrations show how simple, secure and smooth it can be: 

Mattersphere integration

Reduce the potential for error in re-keying information with our powerful integration.

A well established workflow software, Minerva integrates with ease helping your matter management have the upfront and client information it needs from the very start. 

Some of our early adopter law firm clients continue to reap the benefits of this integration: