Source of funds checks

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Source of funds and account verification in minutes

Use today’s technology to help solve today’s compliance. Regulation and financial crime risk require you to check, analyse and verify client financial information. Minerva transforms the convoluted and complex process of getting client information and supporting evidence into a simple and elegant experience.

Source of funds analysis 

Easily analyse account activity and transactions. 

  • Insights on accumulation of funds 
  • Regular incomings and outgoings
  • Cash transactions identified
  • Large payments and receipts identified
  • Marked up bank statements for up to two years 
Clear and transparent information

Source of funds data 

View all transactions across one or more accounts.

  • Provides you with an easy visual way to gather the correct information
  • Transactions and balances up to two years
  • Verified bank data
Understand your client's transactional behaviour

Account verification

  • Verify bank account details and ownership
  • Verify account details direct from the bank
  • Prove ownership and control
Making verification of bank details an downership easy for all parties


  • Open banking or a simple upload of supporting documents if open banking isn’t available
  • Flexible control to adapt reports to the risks of the matter or client i.e. see data from 6 or 12 months or a custom date range
  • Full bank statements with marked up transactions by virtual highlighter
  • All cash deposits highlighted
  • A web-based journey – no app or downloads required
Easy to access interface providing flexible control