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The law firm meeting increased demand with improved client service- a win-win!

Banner Jones puts clients first with Minerva.

The Legal 500 firm with offices across North East Derbyshire, South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire are almost 12 months into using Minerva and the results are transformative. From client to fee earner, everyone has benefitted.

Looking for a complete onboarding solution, Richard Joy, Director and Head of Residential Conveyancing, says:

“We were looking for a solution that would speed up the file opening process, provide the initial quotation and allow the completion of all the relevant checks and initial paperwork to be done securely online, in one place. A solution that would offer the client a much better onboarding experience than waiting for a pack of paperwork and then having to call into the office with their ID.”

For many firms and fee earners, the reality is that along with a Case Management System, desktops are full of open tabs for Anti-Money Laundering checks, Office Copies, digital ID, Searches, client questionnaires, client care letters and sometimes much more. Offering online quoting, remote client ID verification and online form filling, Minerva’s aim is to improve the efficiency of a firm’s client onboarding as all of this can happen in one place.

Transforming process and client onboarding.

The new business team at Banner Jones have seen a real impact on how they operate, particularly a significant improvement on the time it takes to onboard their clients, allowing them to process more enquiries as a result.

Richard explains with this brilliant example:

“On Monday this week one of our new business team took a call and issued a quote at 13.34pm, at 13.39pm the client had accepted the quote and set up their online account with the firm. By 3.39pm the client file had been opened, client questionnaires competed, Enhanced AML and ID check performed, and the TA forms complete. By 3.43pm this had all been approved and the contract pack was ready to be issued. Before Minerva a document pack of 60 pages would still be sitting in the post tray waiting to be sent. Previously the onboarding process would have taken days if not weeks.”

Creating an excellent client experience is the end game for all law firms but making sure that they are compliant and as risk free as possible can be a real challenge. Being able to tell prospective clients that they will be able to complete forms securely online, not have to come into your office and do everything from the comfort of their home sounds like a dream – right? Before implementing Minerva, Banner Jones, like many law firms, found that their paper heavy onboarding meant that delays with clients was inevitable.

“Before we implemented Minerva, there was lots of paper and delays for clients whilst we were collecting the information needed to start a transaction. They can now complete easy to use online forms in the comfort of their home, at a time to suit, safe in the knowledge it will be returned immediately to their conveyancer when they hit save and finish!”

Implementation – a timely coincidence

Last March when the whole country went into lockdown, law firms found themselves in a tailspin trying to continue to service their clients. The Covid-19 pandemic meant that they needed to get to grips with remote onboarding and fast. Minerva is an easy to install and configure solution, Richard explains:

‘With the start of the first lockdown we knew we had to get up and running quickly. Everyone was working separately, at home, in different offices. Minerva was easy to implement the support has been first class. We were up and running and starting using Minerva within 3 weeks.’

Without question, the mindset shift that the legal industry has had to go through in the last twelve months has meant that the client engagement and uptake of the new system has been embraced by fee earners and clients alike.

“The staff have really taken to the system. We thought some clients might be resistant and prefer paper but that has not been the case at all- they expect to use digital solutions and working with their conveyancer should be no different!”

A system that works and evolves with the industry

As we start 2021, with yet more uncertainty and the reviewed and redrafted AML legislation , implementing a system and process for your law firm that helps alleviate all the worries of compliance, along with the costs of client onboarding and keeping clients informed is something all law firms should be considering, Richard Joy sums up the Banner Jones experience with;

“Go for it, you will not be disappointed. The system is continually improving. We are about to implement online payments as part of the process and the team at Minerva have some great plans. We will be looking to roll Minerva out to other departments in our business who can benefit from the online ID checks. They are trusted advisors to our business just as we hope we are to our clients. It is a win-win.”

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Minerva’s client onboarding solution blends seamlessly into law firms’ existing workflows to create great client experiences.

It would be great to talk with you about your firm’s current processes and how Minerva can help you onboard clients more efficiently.

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