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Case Study – Wake Smith

Wake Smith reduces client onboarding time by 70% with Minerva

Over the past 12 months, leading Sheffield law firm Wake Smith Solicitors made a commitment to bring the best onboarding solution to their conveyancing clients.

Noteworthy stats:

✅ Clients onboarded in less than 30 minutes, with a record of completing quotes, forms, and issuing contracts in just 4 hours.

✅ Within weeks of using Minerva, over 200 transactions were successfully onboarded, showcasing quick adoption and significant benefits.

✅ Integration with Advanced Legal’s P4W

✅ Fee earners are reassured of meeting compliance obligations, allowing them to focus more on transaction progress.

✅ Clients can complete initial forms and ID checks at their convenience, enhancing control and understanding of the process.

✅ Adopting Minerva has enhanced Wake Smith’s personal service approach, moving away from being a volume-focused firm.

Minerva has made having an easy to use, efficient and compliant process a reality for Wake Smith.

Wake Smith can now  onboard a client in less than 30 mins and its record for giving a quote, the client completing the forms and issuing contracts stands at just four hours.

Minerva’s intelligent client onboarding connects law firms with clients through an intuitive, user friendly and business efficient solution which revolutionises the experience for all parties.

The fully integrated, digital onboarding tool is quick and easy, offering an end-to-end solution and a brilliant client experience.

We spoke with Director and Head of Residential Conveyancing Bonita Wolfenden to find out how her team and clients have reacted to the process, how easy it was to implement into the firm, and the changes witnessed since going live

Commenting on the client experience, Bonita said:

“With a committed intent to being focused on solutions for our clients and delivering the best results, finding an onboarding platform that was both easy to use, efficient and compliant, has become a reality.

“Clients have been receptive, and the overall positive reaction is exactly what we envisaged. We have an improved experience for our clients, reassurance that all is in hand, and a clear understanding of what is needed at each stage. All this in one solution is excellent, especially when they can have control over it and can complete initial forms and ID checks from home or work in their own time.

“Our fee earners can now feel assured they are meeting compliance obligations required by the regulators, and are able to focus more readily on progressing transactions.

“Rather than being a volume outfit, and adopting Minerva, has enhanced the personal service we offer here at Wake Smith.”

For the LFS team, it is great to have another new client seeing such great benefit in a short amount of time.

Sales director Richard Mathias has been really pleased with how quickly the team at Wake Smith has adopted the technology, and harnessed the power that Minerva provides;

He said:

This has been one of the quickest integrations of Minerva we have had. Wake Smith really understood what they wanted, and we were thrilled to have seen that even within the first few weeks of using the technology over 200 transactions were successfully onboarded.”

Minerva is focused on bringing a better client onboarding experience for all through intelligent and dynamic technology that works.

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Minerva’s client onboarding solution blends seamlessly into law firms’ existing workflows to create great client experiences.

It would be great to talk with you about your firm’s current processes and how Minerva can help you onboard clients more efficiently.

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