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With Minerva we can aim to win 75% of all enquiries

Locking’s Solicitors, a prominent legal firm in Hull, has been reaping the rewards of their fruitful partnership with Minerva, a leading provider of legal technology solutions. After three years of collaboration, we had the privilege of sitting down with Richard Swaine, the Operations Director at Locking’s, to discuss the transformative impact of Minerva on their business. 

“First of all, let me say that in 25 years of practice, it’s hard to think of any relationship with a 3rd party supplier that has been more worthwhile than what we have with LFS,” began Richard, speaking highly of the collaborative spirit that characterises their partnership with Minerva. “Every single member of the team has been a delight to work with, and the collaboration with both myself and our staff has been outstanding.” 

Locking’s initial objective was to enhance their client’s journey and specifically speed up the onboarding process, with a specific focus on transaction times for conveyancing. Richard emphasied, “There is no doubt at all we have achieved this. However, Minerva has also been the catalyst for change right across the firm.” 

One of the most significant benefits has been the enhanced understanding of their client acquisition process. He highlighted the Minerva quoting system as a game-changer. “It allows me to see who is giving quotes, how many they win or lose, the level of fees, which introducers are sending good quality leads, and much more.” 

As a result, Locking’s has shifted their focus from spending money on marketing to proactively making the most of the opportunities already coming their way. Richard noted that this shift in approach has significantly improved their success rate in converting enquiries into clients, now aiming to win 70-75% of all enquiries they receive. 

This transformation was only possible due to accurate and timely data, which is vital as they navigate a more challenging housing market. He commented, “As we go into the winter months and a more difficult housing market, this will be vital to keep us profitable and ahead of the competition.” 

Richard also shared some of the recent milestones achieved with Minerva. They completed a full integration of Minerva with their Proclaim case management system through Minerva’s integration partner Techedia and adopted Minerva’s Pay 360 payment system. This integration has resulted in a smooth process where clients can swiftly accept quotes, complete eIDV and transaction forms, and make payments, all leading to faster transaction times and an enhanced experience for clients and estate agent introducers. 

Looking forward, Richard Swaine revealed that they are gearing up to roll out Minerva to their private client department. This expansion will significantly increase their capacity and turnaround times for Wills and Powers of Attorney, promising more benefits on the horizon. 

In his final comments, he had this to say, “If you are the managing partner of a multi-discipline law firm and aim to be the best in your region, you simply have to engage with the team at Minerva. Take it from me, it will be one of the best decisions you ever make.” 

Locking’s Solicitors’ success story with Minerva exemplifies how innovative technology can transform traditional legal practices and position them as leaders in the industry. 

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