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Case Study – Blaser Mills

Blaser Mills – trailblazing South East law firm leading the way with client onboarding.

We sat down with South East based Legal 500 firm Blaser Mills and spoke with Alexandra Kirk to find out the difference having Minerva for their client onboarding has made to the firm.

How have clients reacted to completing the onboarding process through Minerva? 

We have definitely seen a positive reaction overall, you can tell that clients enjoy having the control over how they onboard with us.

I would also say to any firms considering client onboarding, just do it! It has enabled us to take weeks off the onboarding process without adding a substantial cost to our bottom line. Which means we can proceed much quicker for client, happy client = happy firm.

Before you had Minerva, what were your processes?

Before we implemented Minerva in to our workflow, we had a large team dealing with onboarding , and especially in residential property which we now simply don’t have. Prior to Minerva, it could take two weeks to complete the entire process so it saves us a lot of time. This in turn has a great effect on not only the clients, but for the fee earners and support staff too.

Minerva has already improved how we contract our clients, we do it in a more proactive and proper fashion. Being able to look at live conversion rates has been fantastic.

The efficiencies that Minerva provides definitely saves the firm money and time we’ve got a more streamlined team with a process that makes sense takes so much of what we all had to do before away.

Having Minerva implemented has meant that for me and my team in conveyancing, our relationships with estate and introducers is really helped. They know that we will be ready to start work in a much quicker time scale. In fact, we already have a service to help fast-track selling a property. Minerva really helps us to further solidify this, allowing us to collate all the upfront information that is needed for a buyer.

What have been the tangible changes?

‘We have really felt improvements across the board;  it really has allowed us to put the client at the heart of the business, not only in the conveyancing department, but also as we continue to roll out across the whole firm.

We were looking for a more efficient and time effective way of dealing with client onboarding, and the Minerva solution really does do this, simply, securely and effectively.

In terms of rolling out the solution internally, it really did make us stop when adapting to it . We made sure that we thought about what the client might need, not just what we as lawyers do. It makes a huge difference in the way we carry out our onboarding now – so much more client focused.

What has been the main impact for the business?

The main impact on the business has been how the streamlined process helps us to adapt to certain situations quickly. For example, the pricing structure when we can see dips in the market.

One of the great things about having our client onboarding in place through Minerva is that our compliance on matter files is now uniform. No more tabs open for various different elements. We capture all information that we need from the client more easily and efficiently.

Where have you seen the impact for your client experience?

Minerva gives the client an easy and user friendly way to upload key ID documents for example, so they are available to us at the click of a button.

The solution really provides such a good overview with the management dashboard, meaning we can be more proactive in how we speak to clients. We have always wanted clients to know that we put them first, and we really can demonstrate this.

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