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Case Study – Stephen Rimmer

Stephen Rimmer uses Minerva to enhance client-retention during conveyancing boom

During the Covid 19 pandemic east Sussex firm Stephen Rimmer LLP found themselves at an advantage through their use of Minerva during the conveyancing boom.

We asked Practice Manager Grant Saunders to comment on how Minerva delivered and continues to deliver the very best in both practice and client experience.

How the tech is improving experiences for all

In response to the challenges brought about by a conveyancing boom and a pandemic back in 2020 we were able to pivot quickly and brought in a fully electronic client-onboarding solution that creates, sends and tracks quotations through a secure, branded, online platform. Crucially, we are using our people and enhanced processes to put our firm in the best position possible to turn this one-off spike into a long-term, loyal client base.

This put us at a real competitive advantage early on and continues to help us deliver the very best for our clients. We have been able to have improved processes and internal operations. A win-win.

Learn more about how Stephen Rimmer uses technology to help turn new customers into lifelong clients here.

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Minerva’s client onboarding solution blends seamlessly into law firms’ existing workflows to create great client experiences.

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