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Intelligent Client Onboarding

We do exactly what we say. We help you onboard your clients, intelligently.  Minerva provides an award-winning client onboarding process that connects you with your clients and really works. 

Engage Your Clients – Fast

Minerva is your complete onboarding solution.  A dedicated branded online portal that helps take your client engagement to the next level. Intelligent client onboarding is here.

  • Easy to follow form filling
  • Customised emails from your firm received by the client
  • Branded thank you  message to the client
Super easy to follow forms

SMS notifications

Accessible, convenient and secure.  

Enjoy the ultimate ease of communication with your clients – send reminders and communicate via SMS.  

Remove ambiguity and use texting for:  

  • Automatically remind your client of their onboarding actions 
  • Quotes 
  • ID checks
  • Adhoc communications


Minerva’s e-signature solution helps remove the barriers to moving things forward at a pace. You can quickly arrange online signing for your clients, whether they are in the UK or abroad.  

Our pay-per-use solution allows your firm to turn agreements and other legal documents that require signing much faster speeding up transaction times through verification of instruction through e-signature. For example: 

  • Completed questionnaires 
  • TA6 and TA10 
  • Client care documents
  • Terms and Conditions 

This is particularly pertinent with Conveyancing transactions of course and since the introduction of HM Land Registry’s new guidance on ‘Accepted Signatures’, having an eSignature solution is a key component for your client onboarding process.  

The e-signing solution also works well to handle multi-party transactions should you need consent from a 2nd, 3rd or 4th client that instructions given from the primary client are accurate.