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Simplify your Compliance Process

Through the efficient management of your key client data, Minerva provides effective, safe and secure ways in which your law firm can communicate with your clients and meet your compliance obligations. 

Safe Harbour Standard

Unveiled in March 2021, the Digital ID Standard encourages digital identity checks in the conveyancing process. 

The conveyancing industry has been striving for better processes that speed up transactions times and a clear set of standards for eIDV helps this.

Minerva’s government-grade liveness test and NFC chip reading help firms ensure they are not only adhering to KYC and AML requirements but those of Safe Harbour too.

Price and Service Transparency

All law firms are required to publish their services for certain areas of law and must publish the information accordingly. 

This information must be prominent on a firm’s website, in plain English and accessible.

Minerva’s award-winning integrated quote calculator helps firms easily present pricing and service, meaning that visitors to your website are able to access the necessary information easily. 

File Reviews

A part of any firms’ compliance, being able to demonstrate that your procedures and processes are working is critical when it comes to meeting your compliance obligations.

Through Minerva your client data and material information is collated efficiently and easily meaning that when it comes to file reviews, all is in order.