Secure online payments

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Online Payments

Through Minerva’s award-winning solution your client can pay monies on account to you securely, on time and without fuss, just like any other online purchase.

Collect monies on account

Your client simply completes a form through the Minerva solution and then receives their next task by email to complete the payment on account process.

  • The value to pay is pre-set by the law firm and cannot be changed by the client 
  • Payment is made without having to declare bank details in email
  • Online payment process is fully PCCI compliant
  • Monies are received direct to your account via your merchant account
  • Adhoc sums can be paid in a similar way by using the ‘manual option
  • Immediate action  rather than having to wait for a BACS payment
  • Payment is referenced with transaction details to easily reconcile when paid
Secure online payments