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Digitally Transforming Law Firm Operations

In another of a series of expert led webinars, Minerva brings to you this panel discussion around the legal industry's growing acceptance of the digital workspace and the compliance tech that is out there for us all to engage with.

Legal Sector Report: Digitally Connecting with Clients


What's inside:

01 Innovation in 2020 - The year that changed it all
02 The shift left - better service, better results
04 The legal sector tech revolution
05 What is the legal digital workspace?
06 COVID hasn't cancelled the cybersecurity challenge
08 Providing the very best in client experience
09 How technology can help your client relationships
11 The tech that is changing the face of the legal sector
14 Software (SaaS) and cloud-based - is a hybrid future achievable?
16 The value of automation
19 Biometric identification and facial recognition - appropriate alternative to traditional AML methods?
23 What does the future hold for a digital legal workspace?
26 About Minerva

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