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Minerva partners with UK’s top business software provider

Legal Intelligent client onboarding solution provider, Minerva, continuously strives to seek out like-minded partners who integrate seamlessly to provide service excellence and revolutionise the experience of both law firms and their clients.

In a bid to find brilliant partnerships that provide law firms with everything they need to run their business effectively, efficiently, and compliantly, Minerva is delighted to announce they have partnered with Advanced, the UK’s third-largest provider of business software and services.

Advanced provides enterprise and market-focused solutions that allow many industries to re-imagine what is possible, innovate in their legal sector and improve the lives of millions of people in the UK. Its continual investment in people, partnerships and technologies mean it provides right-first-time solutions that adapt and evolve with the changing habits of customers and the legal market they operate in. Their Cloud-first strategy drives productivity, make educated decisions, to tackle challenges head-on in the legal landscape.

In such an evolving competitive legal market, some law firms may get left behind due to not keeping pace with new technologies and will continually battle to compete with other providers who deliver legal services much quicker and cost-effectively. Advanced has over 20 years of experience in providing technology to lawyers and their trusted solutions include the benefits of cloud security, agility, accuracy, 24/7 system access and fast communication channels.

Minerva’s intelligent, cloud-based, client onboarding system connects law firms with clients by way of an intuitive, user-friendly and business efficient portal. The powerful tool has been developed by LFS, alongside large leading law firms across the country, which means the system is ready to help all law firms reap the rewards of great client experience and be fully compliant. The client-centred technology solution can be integrated with case management systems for seamless full firm management and will solve all compliance issues while enhancing the value of your business by streamlining the process – relieving the burden of enhanced due diligence and client due diligence to mitigate risk.

The collaboration of Minerva’s smart comprehensive digital client onboarding solution and Advanced’s innovative legal market-focused software and services simplifies complex business challenges and deliver immediate value to law firms, legal practitioners and their customers.

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Minerva’s client onboarding solution blends seamlessly into law firms’ existing workflows to create great client experiences.

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