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Minerva reduces file opening time by at least 30 minutes

Manchester based solicitors; Bannister Preston LLP have been pleasantly surprised by their quick adoption of legal onboarding software Minerva.  

Developed by Law Firm Services, the Minerva solution brings together client focused technology that law firms love. The proof is in the pudding; the team at Bannister Preston have expressed how quickly both they and their clients have adopted the solution.  

Faster file opening 

Conveyancing assistant Lynne Baker said;

‘I am using it constantly throughout the day and I love it. No more trips down to the post room, no more printing. It is so easy and intuitive; I am amazed at how quickly we have all got used to doing everything through Minerva.  We are simply much quicker, and the clients can really see the benefit too.’  

Head of Residential Conveyancing and Partner, Daniel Perry, is really seeing results. With 8 fee earners on his team and 2 legal assistants, the department is a busy one.  

‘On average we have 130-150 files a month to open. Before Minerva, the time spent opening the files, sending out the Client Information Pack, getting monies on account and ID verification could take up to 2 weeks at least.  

Now we are saving at least 30 minutes per file opening in the office alone. Couple that with clients being able to receive a quote, reply and pay along with downloading their documents in minutes, the difference is remarkable.  

Without a doubt adopting the Minerva technology has really opened our eyes to how much of an advantage it gives. People are so much more used to using technology for professional services now, it really helps us stand out.’  

Strategic partnerships that work 

Minerva has several partnerships with key industry providers and the strategic partnership Minerva has with Index Property Information is a great example.  Daniel Edwards, Regional Account Manager at Index Property Information North West, could see that through his conversations with Daniel Perry and his department, Minerva’s smart comprehensive digital onboarding could be the end-to-end solution Bannister Preston needed.  

Daniel Edwards said,

We always have in mind how we can strengthen relationships with the law firms we work with, but also how we can ensure we help them simplify the complex business challenges they face through innovative solutions that deliver true value. Minerva does both things, and it is great to see that the team at Bannister Preston have been able to see this value so quickly.’ 

Ben Mills, Commercial Director is thrilled to have the team onboard;

“Bannister Preston have a strong presence in their area, and it has been a pleasure to work with them. Daniel and his team have shown how easy it is to implement Minerva and reap the benefits for their clients. It is easy to find reasons to put off projects like this but to their testament Bannister Preston have made a positive change and never looked back” 

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Minerva’s client onboarding solution blends seamlessly into law firms’ existing workflows to create great client experiences.

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