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Minerva Source of Funds functionality further enhances Watson Ramsbottom client onboarding

An early adopter of the Minerva solution, Lancashire based solicitors Watson Ramsbottom know that their client onboarding is the cornerstone of their operations and now, with the Armalytix powered Source of Funds checks, they have unparalleled efficiency and expediency.  

Watson Ramsbottom’s Managing Director, Elton Ashworth, explains how his teams are benefitting year on year having digitised the client onboarding process, with one of the pivotal elements in this transformative process being the integration of Armalytix’s open banking solution.   

“The Minerva solution is a godsend. It continues to massively speed up our file opening process, shaving up to two weeks on sales and a week on every purchase transaction. Since incorporating Source of Funds checks in June 2023 we have seen how the firm really could not operate without the efficiencies we get with Minerva.” 

Underscoring its significance, now having Source of Funds check through Minerva, clients are enjoying a friction free onboarding journey, allowing them to accept quotes, complete essential forms, and verify their identity and source of funds securely and remotely through their smartphones, within minutes.  

The MD says; “Approximately 80% of our clients are now using the service, it’s a user-friendly alternative, sparing clients from the hassle of sifting through multiple pages of bank statements or engaging in forensic accounting, tasks that should not burden conveyancers. Armalytix’s open banking solution simplifies the process, enabling clients to deliver information more efficiently.” 

Commercial Director Ben Mills explains how well the firm has adopted the process;  

‘The team at Watson Ramsbottom are a perfect case in point for using the Armalytix Source of Funds functionality through Minerva. A truly end to end solution, they have successfully had over 2200 checks with over 1500 of these now completed. No more tedious bank statements, a user friendly interface that is secure, quick and easy for both clients to use and law firms to implement. We are thrilled to see Watson Ramsbottom enjoying the benefit” .

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