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Revisions to Law Society TA6 and TA7 

As of 25th March 2024, The Law Society has announced revisions to the TA6 and TA7. 

As you know, Law Firm Services (Minerva) is an official licensee of these forms as part of the Minerva solution.  We have been preparing the new forms for Minerva so the forms can be made available to you and your clients.  The current form is valid until 25th June 2024 after which the new forms must be used. 

Please note this page which explains the forms provided by third-party suppliers:- https://www.lawsociety.org.uk/topics/property/transaction-forms

If you also supply TA forms to your clients not using Minerva, (ie as a PDF or Word document) then these forms will be supplied by your Forms provider (typically Oyez, Laserforms, FormEvo). 

For your digital Minerva versions, we anticipate completing the forms, with all the testing, so that they will be ready for use through Minerva by mid-April.

Many thanks

Mark and all the team at Minerva. 

System Update

We carried out a major update of the portal data structure at the start of April and, whilst that should have gone unnoticed to you all, I hope that there has been an improved performance in terms of data rendering to your systems.

Many factors affect the performance of the system such as your own internet connectivity, are you on WiFi or cabled, number of users at any given time across all of our clients and the processing of thousands of data requests.

With the improved data structure, there should be little “lag” but happy to field queries form you should there be a slow-down – just book a ticket at help@minervaportal.com

This new data structure has enabled us to push updates to the Minerva system for you to use.  Some of these are immediately available and some will require your Customer Account Manager (CAM) to discuss and setup for you.  The enhancements are:-

1. Credas

Credas have designed a new platform “Connect” that eventually will replace the original/current platform “Core”.  We will be speaking with each client to switch you over to the new platform.  The new platform provides for additional warnings and, if you wish, you can opt for Ongoing Monitoring (OGM) for your ID/AML checks. 

An OGM will last for 12 months and will alert you when the original OGM result has a change of status (positively or negatively).  The OGM is carried out every 3 days form the original date – so in effect, your client is rechecked 120 times for the 1st year.  You can choose whether to extend that period when the anniversary is coming up!

2. Source of Funds questionnaire (SOF)

We have an improved SOF questionnaire that will total up the monies required for the transaction and the sums being received from the various sources.  The balance will then display as Shortfall or Surplus in these colours to highlight the results for you.

The SOF will then suggest the use of Armalytix or for the client to upload their evidenced information as PDF.  Armalytix is active and integrated with Minerva and is proving very well with our clients.  We would recommend that you look to this solution to help automate the process for you and your client.  More information can be found here:- https://www.minervaportal.com/solution/source-of-funds/ but why not grab a 30 mins demonstration with our team and Armalytix.

3. Upfront Buyer Information / Key Material Information = Property Information Questionnaire (PIQ)

The estate agency sector is becoming more aware of the need to provide a PIQ when a property is listed for sale.  As a conveyancer, you can help with this process by sharing the OC1, ID and producing a PIQ.  The PIQ is auto-created with no extra effort from you as this is a form produced using the Sale and TA6 content (not all). 

By using this technology, you can add value to your referrer relationship at NO EXTRA COST or EFFORT to what you already do by using the Minerva portal.  This is an exciting opportunity to drive new business and help estate agents meet their Trading Standards obligations. If you would like more details then please contact us.

4. E-Signatures & SMS

E-signing via Yoti
A reminder that the e-signing solution is available for all and helps you have completed questionnaires signed where there are multiple parties to a transaction and especially important where the parties are not on “speaking terms!”  If you would like to find out more then please contact us at sales@lawfirmservices.co.uk

SMS’s are now enabled to text an alert that a quotes, ID has been issued together with adhoc texts that can also be sent. If you use the auto-reminder solution, texts can also be sent along with your reminder emails.  Each text attracts a fee of £0.08.  If you would like to find out more then please contact us at sales@lawfirmservices.co.uk

5. Non-Conveyancing Work Types

The portal is being used for non-conveyancing works by several clients and in particular the Family and Private Client teams.  Quotes can be generated for other work types (or they can be uploaded as a PDF!) which then means your clients Accepts a Quote, Complete their Client Questionnaire (followed by ID) and then the questionnaire for that work type.  If you use Pay360, you can also receive monies on account before you start the work. 

By doing so, ALL of your clients for ALL your business are onboarded with :-

  • Agreeing your T&Cs
  • Agreeing and accepting your fee
  • Being correctly ID’d for your COLP/COFA
  • Paying you monies on account

The information is accurate and secure – not via email and this makes for consistency in your business operation and a secure./modern way to provide an improved consumer experience.

6. CMS Integrations

We are working hard with all our CMS integrated solutions to make all the features available in the website available through the API.  If you are integrated, then the API will soon be updated to allow SMS/Armalytix to feed into your CMS.

If you are not integrated with your CMS, then why not see if we can help supply an integrated solution with your CMS> We already have solutions for most of the known CMSs but we are always looking to support your goals and have a well documented/functional API to help that work.

7. Dashboards

If you use the Pay360 (Payments on account) option, there is a new Dashboard that helps you see what payments have been processed in a date range – rather than the existing dashboard that was based on when it was 1st requested.  Take a look at MF03a and try this out.

8. SQL Reporting Services (SSRS)

Did you know that all of the Dashboards are also available by SSRS.  SSRS is a scheduler that will deliver a report to your mailbox as XLS/PDF at a schedule time/interval.  If you wish to receive a report every Saturday at 10am (by example) then why not have that as a fixed process?  If you would like us to schedule a report for you then please get in touch with our help desk.

If you would prefer a self-serve approach together with drillable components then the best route is using the Dashboard functionality in the browser.  Both the SSRS and Dashboards are the same dataset – just graphically different.