Minerva brings together everything law firms need to remotely onboard their clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Minerva is an intelligent onboarding solution that helps law firms deliver the very best in experience for their clients. It is an easy to access solution for all areas of law, resulting in faster matter file opening, ID verification and a completely paperless process. Minerva offers your clients an exceptional, transparent customer experience for a lot less than its competitors.

Developed in conjunction with a range of leading law firms from across the UK, Minerva is always evolving in its creation with the constant aim to reduce costs and speed up the time it takes to onboard clients.

Every type of law firm. From sole practitioner to multi-disciplinary law firm, Minerva can be used at any level for any practice, in any area of law.

On average – £12 per transaction this includes quoting, all client due diligence, facial recognition, eIDV , essential client engagement and law society protocol digital forms.  

Yes you can, We have been building out functionality to aid integration with your CMS. This development is ongoing and this will always be the way!  As and when new features are added to the solution we then supply the API end points to help your CMS supplier integrate with that new feature. 

We are in discussions with most of the common CMS suppliers so if you wish to explore integration with the Minerva Solution and your CMS then please do get in touch and we can see what we can do!  Visit our partner page to view if your current CMS is already API enabled. 

Using Microsoft’s Azure cloud storage, Minerva’s system offers unrivalled protection for client’s key legal documents such as wills, power of attorney, important business contracts and title deeds. Rather than email, communication through Minerva is supported by the cloud also and so extremely secure. 

Brought to the Minerva platform from Credas, it provides law firms with a cutting edge ID Verification tool.  Using facial recognition to authenticate identity cards via a smart phone or web cam, firms can be more certain that the clients instructing them are who they say they are.

This tool is incredibly reliable with 97.7% accuracy with its facial recognition software and 100% NFC chip reading (the chip in your passport). All of the data is stored in the EU, the Microsoft Azure Cloud which is a globally recognised, secure and trusted platform.

Working with multiple data – bureaus (Lexis Nexis, GBG, Equifax and Experian) Credas is able to perform a variety of checks covering address and DOB, any international sanctions and International PEPs, confirming that there are no matches against 1, 2 and 3 tier lists.

The solution validates that all details inputted are correct. It checks that the account number, sort code, postcode and surname are all correct and registered to the postcode given.

Minerva will verify that an account does indeed belong to an individual. By inputting the sort code and account number we can confirm the  owner of that account is in fact your client.

We integrate with Worldpay, Stripe and Pay 360. As part of the onboarding process, we can create a task to ensure the client can pay online monies on account and the law firm receives the credit direct to their client account.

A simple solution that allows firms to comply with SRA/CLC transparency rules. A client can obtain a details quotation / estimate of fees and instruct you online.

Fee earners can choose whether to have individual updates or an hourly activity report so they can see when clients have completed tasks and documents.

Minerva has an automated reminder system to nudge clients when they haven’t completed certain tasks. The law firm has complete control over when and how often these reminders are sent.

Straightforward implementation normally takes 3-4 weeks but this can vary if firms want bespoke changes to forms or integration with CMS systems.

Absolutely. We can accommodate all work types and create bespoke forms to capture data for any practice area.

Video guides and client insights

Reduce your ‘time to revenue’ with faster file opening, secure real-time ID verification and paperless end to end onboarding you and your client’s will love.

A guide to Minerva's online ID verification & facial recognition solution.

The 'Minerva Experience' - an interview with Taylor & Emmet Solicitors

We were thrilled to invite Taylor & Emmet to chat with us about their experiences with Minerva, from set up through to using it across the business for quoting, digital ID verification and paperless form filling,

We spoke to Elisha Burgil, New Business Manager at Taylor & Emmet Solicitors about the challenges they were facing when engaging and onboarding new clients and how Minerva has helped create an effective and compliant solution for all.