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UK Law Firm keeping it simple for their clients

How Minerva helps law firms connect with their clients

Law Firm Services deliver a powerful digital onboarding solution for law firms which connects lawyers to their clients – faster. This is Minerva. Ensure compliance, win more business and have great service from your legal tech provider. It really is just that simple.

One such firm who aim high in both client service, compliance and business growth are award winning top 150 law firm Stephenson’s Solicitors LLP. 

They have 460 staff over six offices across the country offering a broad set of full legal services to businesses, individuals, and government organisations. They are constantly striving to bring the very best in client service.

David Baybut, Partner at Stephenson’s had been looking for a solution for quite some time, he was looking to save both time and money for the firm whilst also improve the overall client engagement and onboarding experience. Now, having used Minerva across departments for some time, he is really starting to see the benefits.

“I have found Minerva to be a very useful tool to streamline our quoting, file opening and on boarding processes, and it makes the customer journey that much easier.  We do not have post going astray and receive prompt notifications when clients have completed documentation/ key stages.”

Compliance is key

Law Firm Services who have developed Minerva, are on a mission to help accessing legal services easier and simpler for clients whilst supporting law firms with their regulatory obligations.

In March alone Law Firms across England and Wales have completed over 8,000 ID and AML checks using Minerva, with over 75% of people completing these checks within 24 hours.

“The feedback from our staff teams and clients has been really positive. It saves lots of paper document processing and correspondence passing between solicitor and client.  It has been easy to adopt, use and saves administrative work, but provides the Due Diligence reassurance that we need from a compliance perspective.”

Baybut added;

“The client identification add in is excellent, safe, secure, reliable and very easy to use.”

Winning and retaining business

Minerva seeks to help law firms with their client engagement, but the solution also speeds up the transactions, improves client experience and increases the retention of these clients. All fully branded to the law firms’ requirements and with the very best in support.

The Minerva dashboard helps firms reap the benefits of transparent access to where quotes are up to, where a client is within the onboarding stage and what may or may not be outstanding.

“We can see at a glance on the portal what is outstanding which enables us to manage our pipelines and also prompt the clients as to what is unresolved.”

Digital client onboarding – Minerva does the heavy lifting

In recent months it is no secret that certain areas of law have seen a particular increase in workloads and therefore strain on resources, relieving the fee earner and support staff from the heavy lifting of chasing a client for monies on account and completion of forms such as a TA6 (property information form) will not only increase productivity of the actual fee earning legal work, but also reduce the burden on staff.

Many professional services are now keen to ensure that they can convert and ‘onboard’ new clients and customers quickly, for many though this can mean using various pieces of software, and trying to incorporate the case management system too, meaning fee earners have many tabs open and there is all too much margin for potential error or the processes are simply too time consuming.

Happy Clients Faster

Minerva allows firms to provide their clients with everything they need to do at their leisure in their own home and at their own pace. Stephenson’s have been measuring the success of Minerva with their clients and early feedback has been positive.

Early client feedback has included:

“I am a recent client of the conveyancing department when I bought and sold my house. As a client I used Stephenson’s / Minerva system to pass through the file opening and due diligence checks. I found it swift and easy to follow. It saved a lot of effort producing to the conveyancing department standard forms and originals of identification documents like passports. The instructions were easy to follow and it all worked intuitively and without hitch.”

It is feedback like this that shows how reassured client’s feel through good experience when engaging with legal services.

Minerva seeks to ensure that the experience is not only smooth for clients, but also for its law firms too, the team at Law Firm Services support firms throughout the process, always making sure that Minerva is delivering and evolving to help bring the very best in digital client onboarding.

The Stephenson’s Partner said;

“The team at LFS have been super supportive throughout our installation of the Minerva system, which too has made the whole process simple and easy.”

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Minerva’s client onboarding solution blends seamlessly into law firms’ existing workflows to create great client experiences.

It would be great to talk with you about your firm’s current processes and how Minerva can help you onboard clients more efficiently.

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