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Minerva, clients faster in 2023!

Law Firms Services, an industry leader in legal tech solutions, is thrilled to announce a year of exciting growth and client achievements with Minerva, its Intelligent Client onboarding solution.

In 2023 Minerva cemented its position as a market leading solution helping its many law firm customers win more business and deliver excellent compliant client service. 

2023 in Numbers 

The numbers speak volumes, with 500,000 individual tasks completed through Minerva in 2023 alone, marking an 18.6% increase from the previous year.

The onboarding solution has seen confidence in digital onboarding continue to rise with over 140,000 ID checks completed, displaying both law firms’ faith in the solution and their clients’ enthusiastic adoption of the technology. 

Natalie Clayton, Partner and Head of New Build Residential at Ison Harrison, testifies to Minerva’s impact on her team’s efficiency. She notes a clear reduction in file opening and more than 80% of clients finding the solution easy to use. 

Numbers buck 2023 trends 

Despite predictions of a “slowing market” Minerva clients issued more quotes for legal services and won more business. 17.8% more digital quotes were issued and many more transactions completed. 

Sheffield-based solicitors Banner Jones credit Minerva for their increased business and streamlined client interactions. Reporting a standard turnaround time of 24-48 hours for new client matter files, the smooth integration with their Advanced Legal ALB CMS means that once key onboarding information is collected through Minerva, the matter file is in the CMS within 5 minutes.  

The importance of creating and delivering quotes that are well presented and easy to digest also means they convert more quickly too. Couple this with the benefits of a simple and secure onboarding experience for the client and profitability for firms can soar.  

Peter Bains, Marketing Manager at Banner Jones, emphasises the tangible impact on their local presence, stating,   

“We’re winning more business as a result of implementing Minerva. We’ve been able to go out, sell it to clients. It’s very much part of when we are talking to clients, giving them quotes, we’re selling the benefits of the system to them.”

Compliance key 

The integration of Armalytix’s open banking solution within Minerva has been a game-changer. SofF Armalytix reports increased to over 2,000 in Q3 of 2023, highlighting Law Firm Services continued commitment to industry leading integrations with best of breed solutions. Minerva clients enjoyed the best client satisfaction scores with a stunning 4.5 out of 5. 

Watson Ramsbottom’s Managing Director, Elton Ashworth, praises Minerva’s transformative and time saving impact;

“The Minerva solution is a godsend, since incorporating Source of Funds checks in June 2023, we have seen how the firm really could not operate without the efficiencies we get with Minerva. Armalytix’s open banking solution simplifies the process, enabling clients to deliver information more efficiently.”  

eIDv remains key to meeting the compliance obligations of law firms with a 14.5% increase in ID activity compared to 2022. 

Minerva clients embraced the use of secure payments in 2023, with over 19,000 payments on account requested and completed in the year through Partner Pay 360. 

Client first approach 

From Minerva’s HQ in Northampton, an impressive team of Legal Market experts continue to deliver excellence attracting some fantastic new law firm customers including Tinsdills, Ison Harrison, Nairney Fisher and Lewis, and Switalski’s to name a few.

Taking a consultative approach to business engagement and delivery of the Minerva solution, putting the needs of its clients first is at the core of the business. 

Legal Eco System 

 In 2023 Law Firms Services announced its new partnership with Advanced Legal, reinforcing its commitment to working within and alongside the Legal Technology Landscape and Eco System.

The new integration with ALB 3.6 will make Minerva accessible to even more law firms, following successful integrations in the year with solutions like SOS in collaboration with partners at Xperate. 

2024 vision  

Minerva has made an impressive start to 2024 posting our best January ever with more law firms transacting than ever before.

The vision for 2024 is focussed on helping law firms win and retain more business, increase profits, and improve their market share. This will be underpinned by exciting product developments which will help law firms who strive for the competitive advantage in their town city or region whilst offering the very best client service. Watch this space! 

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